VeChain (VET) - Major Blockchain Success Story - Bull Run Coming With World Largest Partnerships

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In today's video we cover one of the greatest articles I've ever read about a cryptocurrency, namely, #Vechain #VET. This article does an amazing job of explaining how the VET token will increase in value in the coming years. It is important to note, that the VET token is NOT a currency, this article explains why, and how its massive partnerships will increase its value. In short, to use VeChain's #BlockChain technology you must pay the "gas" price in THOR (VTHO), which is created by holding the VET token. This means that all partners of VeChain are required to purchase the VET token to produce their own THOR to be able to use the blockchain. This is why the size of the partnerships are so important. The larger a company is, the more they will use the blockchain, the more THOR they will need to produce, and the more VET they will need to purchase, increasing the demand and price of the VET token. When it comes to scale, Vechain has partnered with some of the largest companies in the world. To name a few..

1) DNV GL - one of the worlds largest logistics companies, using the VeChain blockchain to track their entire fleet

2) PICC - Peoples Insurance Company of China -, using Vechains blockchain to streamline the insurance industry.

3) BYD - China's, and one of the worlds largest electric car manufacturing companies, using Vechains blockchain to track carbon emissions.

These three partners alone will have a massive use case every day of VeChain's blockchain, requiring a massive amount of THOR, and a massive purchase of VET to create the THOR. The list of partners continues to grow for VeChain, and as VeChain creates easier on ramps to the purchase of VET, through FIAT/crypto pairs, we can expect to see a massive increase in price.

The last article we cover details the VeChain foundation financial executive report. This article sheds some light and transparency into how the foundation has been spending its funds. It is stated that more and more financing of its projects are being paid for in the VET token, and less being paid in FIAT, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. This is fantastic news as it is proof that consumers are extremely confident in the future value of the VET token. This also adds legitimacy to the VeChain foundation.

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