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Hi Friends! Welcome back to a new vlog! Honestly every time I upload a video I eagerly await to hit publish to check to see if YouTube has enabled comments again. I've heard that some channels have them and some..even huge..channels do not, so I promise it's not up to me! I really think something has to be triggered by the algorithm OR YouTube is doing a very slowwww release of comments on channels featuring minors. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then feel free to Google the whole fiasco;) After making this video, we decided to hire the manager that I talked about! I'm so excited to have less on my plate! Since I am starting a new YouTube channel mainly dedicated to growing on this platform, I may share my experiences over there if anyone is interested in learning about the back end of being a content creator on here. Also, let me know on Instagram if you feel that my last motherhood group was a positive enough experience for me to reinstate it! Your feedback would be much appreciated! Also, please subscribe to my new channel below! There will be a new video this week! Love you all! xx



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Hi Friends and welcome back to my channel! A little bit about my journey...

A few years ago I started my YouTube channel where I documented my life as a new wife then shortly after I became a first time Mom to my now 2 year old girl Annabelle. Since starting my channel a few years ago, my husband and I have had our second baby Scarlett and have also started several online businesses that have allowed us to stay at home with our two girls and work as a family online. My channel's main goal is to share snippets of our life as a work from home Mom while offering inspiration to other fellow mompreneurs looking to make money online from home to create financial freedom for themselves and their families! Thank you for watching and joining us on this journey!